5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024) You watch TV channels, films, series, and live events online via IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. However, most IPTV service providers offer a small variety of channels, poor streaming quality, latency/buffering problems, and many advertisements. Numerous channels, very dependable servers, and an abundance of features like offline support and live TV recording are characteristics of the top IPTV services for Apple TV.

After extensive investigation and polling, we selected the best IPTV in uk app for Apple TV. We could better comprehend audience needs thanks to our in-depth expertise and analysis. Let’s review our review, which will help you select by covering price, features, benefits, and drawbacks.

List of the Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV:

1) Xtreme HD IPTV
3) Runtime TV
4) IPTV: Watch TV Online
5) Honey Bee IPTV
6) IPTV Player
7) Smarters Player Lite
8) Opus IPTV Player

1) IPTV Xtreme HD

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)
5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

Ideal for using many IPTV sources

One of the greatest services for watching IPTV material is Xtreme HD IPTV. Set up and add more IPTV feeds to your player as required.

It’s one of the best IPTV applications, with a feature-rich media player that makes it easy to watch content. Shows from your selected IPTV provider that are well-liked, highly rated, and pertinent may be recommended on the home screen for Apple TV. Thanks to the strong controls, you can easily play, stop, and fast-forward your movie,


  • Content: 30,000 films, over 20,000 channels, and over 8,400 series are available on the Xtreme HD IPTV app.
  • Live Channels: You can locate, view, and manage many native channels thanks to its native support.
  • Use: Copy and paste your IPTV link into the app to begin playing the material.
  • Device Support: iOS, Fire TV Stick, and Android-based devices may all use this IPTV app.
  • Parental Control: It has built-in support for setting up parental controls, so you may restrict and manage the material your children see.
  • Sports networks: The most well-liked sports networks are supported. With their extensive selection of HD sports channels, you can watch the NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, MLS, EPL, and WWE.
  • Privacy: The app’s features are highly considerate of users’ privacy. Your location is the only thing it records and uses to identify you.
  • Service: Premium subscribers get superior, high-priority service.


  • Shows and films may be quickly added to customized playlists for later retrieval.
  • It is enjoyable to use because of the clear, simple, and appealing user interface.
  • Suitable with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.


  • It does not have appropriate native support for Apple TV apps.


5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)
5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

Ideal for HDR and high-resolution IPTV streaming

Using IPTVX, a premium IPTV UK app, you can see HD and 4K videos on your Apple TV. Your Apple TV display fully supports mainstream HDR standards such as HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

It also keeps track of your previous broadcasts and any events you may have missed. The VOD video is downloadable, allowing you to view it again whenever it suits you. You may choose your audio track and add subtitles depending on your preferred language.


  • Picture-in-Picture: This feature lets you see many multimedia streams superimposed on top of one another.
  • Privacy: IPTVX never has access to your data, viewing history, or habits; instead, they are safely kept in your Apple iCloud.
  • Recommendations: It offers popular channels and programs, along with suggestions for information you may find interesting.
  • Family Sharing: Several family members may use your account at once. It enables you to create unique profiles for every individual.
  • Services: Most services and IPTV providers, including Xtream API, M3U, M3U8, PLEX, and SMB, are natively supported.
  • Search: You can easily locate relevant films, TV series, EPGs, and entertainment channels using this feature.
  • Offline Mode: You may download the program directly to your device and view it later when you’re not online.
  • Support: I appreciated their helpful ticketing system for customer service, regular updates and contact via Twitter, and their lively Discord group.


  • You can watch many channels simultaneously using the multi-viewing function.
  • You may search for stations and shows using the TV Guide and watch short previews.
  • Organize your library of shows synchronized with all your devices using iCloud.


  • Poor customer service and a difficult-to-use developer website.

3) Runtime TV:

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)
5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

The best IPTV app that is free

The Runtime IPTV Subscription IN UK App has a large library of entertaining video material. It provides a vast selection of popular TV series, films, and up-and-coming material worth seeing. Runtime TV is available for Mac, Apple, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and smartphones have it.

The built-in search capability lets you easily find your favorite films and television series. This is one of the greatest IPTV applications available for ease of use, movie discovery, progress tracking, and easy buttons to launch the next episodes on your Apple TV.


  • UI: simple and straightforward. The UI makes getting started easy and perfect for all users.
  • Descriptions: Every television program and film has an accompanying description. This makes choosing and evaluating the programs easier before you watch them.
  • The privacy policy only addresses identifiers, contact information, and personal data. It solely utilizes diagnostics and non-personal data; otherwise, it uses data for non-personal purposes.
  • Playlists: Create your playlist or mark certain programs as favorites. This makes it easier for you to access them later and provides better suggestions.
    Genres: Offers programs and channels divided into groups, including comedy, action, and popular.
    Customer service: their email and online contact form provided prompt, useful assistance.


  • Adequate assistance is needed to view programs and information aimed at adults.
  • Accessible in the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Every material is separated into groups, such as drama, humor, and action.


  • Keeps track of personal information, including contact details and identification.

4) Watch TV online with IPTV:

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)
5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

The best app for making and organizing playlists

One of the greatest IPTV applications for viewing local, foreign, and live TV channels is IPTV – Watch TV Online. With M3U and XSPF support, you can make, manage, and arrange playlists on your Apple TV.

It offers all users appropriate support for EGP in XMLTV format. This makes it simple for you to locate channels and programs. Because of its built-in support for several APIs, you can access material from various sources. Popular supported protocols and supported platforms include FTP, HTTP, RSS, MMS, RTMP, and PTP.


  • Reminders: You may set up reminders to ensure you attend your preferred live TV events and programs.
  • Supported Devices: A wide range of Apple products, including the Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, are compatible. It is also available on tablets, smartphones, and Android TV.
  • Several network streaming formats, including Apple HLS, MPEG, PSS, and MMS, are available.
  • Catch-up: If you missed any live events or shows during the transmission, you might catch up on them on live TV.
  • Children-Friendly: Anyone above the age of four may use the app. With its clear and easy-to-find buttons and functions, the user interface (UI) is enjoyable to use on various devices and suitable for users of multiple demographics.
  • Privacy: It ensures total privacy by not collecting any identifiers, personal information, or statistics from you.
  • Support: Their email customer service was prompt and helpful.


  • The software is accessible worldwide in ten widely used languages.
  • Strong player that supports fast-forward, rewinds, likes, and loops.
  • Support for native dark mode lessens eye strain.


  • Searching is sluggish and often erroneous.

5) IPTV for Honey Bee

5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)
5+ Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV (2024)

Ideal for the largest selection of price tiers

When viewing a broad range of material, such as movies, programs, 24/7 channels, and more, the Honey Bee IPTV app is a great option. You may get material from regional and international networks internationally and use this service from anywhere globally. It serves the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Using their IPTV Sports Schedule, this is one of the greatest IPTV applications Apple TV has for watching HD sports worldwide. You may view live TV channels and effortlessly record, watch, and store your programs with just a little work.


  • Channels: The largest selection of channels—including pornographic and PPV content—is inaccessible to most providers and is yours to watch.
  • Electronic Programme Guide: All TV stations in the US, Canada, and the UK are included in this electronic program guide.
  • Purchase: Debit cards, credit cards, e-Transfer, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be used to pay for the membership.
  • 24/7 Channels: Offers a wide range of high-quality channels that are always open for you to choose from.
  • HD Sports: It offers a range of HD sports channels, such as France Sports, UK Sky Sports VIP, USA NHL, and USA NFL.
  • Compatibility with several platforms: This IPTV provides native applications for the web, Roku, Windows, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Firestick, and other devices.
  • Connections: You may have up to five connections open at once for your account.
  • Customer Service: I could quickly address concerns by sending a letter to customer service. They have a very extensive and useful information base.



  • consistently maintains an uptime of above 99.99%.
  • M3U and XMLTV connections are easily accessible inside your account.
  • Worldwide network with almost 20,000 channels.


  • It’s not a native Apple TV app. Use of the online version is required.


  • ❓How can I choose the best IPTV app for my Apple TV?
  • Are IPTV applications safe and legal?

The Decision

We’ve highlighted some of the top IPTV players for Apple TV in this review. Any of these applications may be used to watch TV and stream content. Each Apple TV IPTV service has advantages and disadvantages of its own. We have produced this review to assist you in making a more informed choice.

  • The greatest online IPTV provider for TV channels, series, sports, and movies is Xtreme HD IPTV.
  • For the greatest possible watching experience, IPTVX is the finest option for streaming 4K HDR video with excellent quality.
  • Honey Bee IPTV is ideal for viewing live TV channels around the clock. Additionally, it may concurrently connect up to five devices.


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