How To Install Iptv On Lg –

How To Install Iptv On Lg –

How To Install IPTV On LG

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Step 1: Check Your LG TV Model And Firmware Version

Verify the TV model and firmware version on your LG Smart TV before installing any IPTV services. You may verify the information on the box or access the TV’s “Settings” menu by doing this. Verify that the firmware on your LG Smart TV is current and supports IPTV.

Step 2: Download And Install The Smart IPTV App

Now that you have checked that your LG Smart TV is compatible with IPTV, you must download and install the Smart IPTV app. You may visit the official Smart IPTV website or download the app from the LG Content Store. After downloading the app, set it up on your television.

Step 3: Grant App Permission And Activation

Permit the Smart IPTV app to access your TV once it is installed. To do this, choose “Allow” under “Settings” > “All Settings” > “General” > “Smart Security” > “More” > “App Permissions” > “Smart IPTV.” The Smart IPTV app must be activated by paying a €5.49 one-time activation fee on their official website.

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Step 4: Add IPTV Playlist To Smart IPTV App

You must add IPTV channels to the Smart IPTV app after activation. To do this, take the actions listed below:

  • Obtain the IPTV Playlist URL from the source or IPTV provider.
  • Open the Smart IPTV app and navigate to the “Settings” menu
  • Click “Add Playlist” after selecting “External Playlists.”
  • After entering the URL of your IPTV playlist, choose “Add Link.”
  • Choose the channel you want to broadcast from after the playlist loads.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Favorite Channels

You may now use your LG Smart TV to stream your preferred channels after completing the aforementioned procedures. With the Smart IPTV app, you can watch live TV, films, TV shows, and sporting events.


There are simply a few simple steps involved in installing IPTV on an LG Smart TV. For LG Smart TV customers, the Smart IPTV app is the ideal choice since it is dependable and compatible with the majority of IPTV providers. You may easily begin streaming your favorite channels on your LG Smart TV by following the above instructions. Now go ahead and install an IPTV service to improve your TV viewing.

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