Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

Top 7 Live Streaming Trends – 2024 & Beyond

Top 7 Live Streaming Trends As the year was unlocked a few weeks ago, experts throughout the globe pondered what this year may be destined for. The next major idea arose in the middle of the last several years: “Live streaming” will be the next-level technology and profitable company. The live streaming and OTT platform trend is expected to impact the video content industry significantly.

To cut it down, it all began a few years ago when engagement became the focal point of a company’s aim. The importance of live streaming in several industries has led to its continuous growth. The global shift to live video streaming is a testament to its immense potential.

During a casual conversation, someone asked, “What do you think is the future of video on demand vs live streaming?” The hypothetical question prompted a spirited luncheon. This got us thinking…   IPTV UK

What will be the Top 7 Live Streaming Trends?

Yes, live streaming is really popular, and this is true.

According to research, 74% of small companies and marketers that use online video platforms report receiving great direct leads. Cisco. By the end of 2019, Inc. predicts that videos will account for an average of 80% of worldwide internet traffic.

The live-streaming trend is more than just engaging and amusing; it also adds value across sectors. Aside from the entertainment value, live video streaming has grown in popularity among companies that use video content. Some sectors have used live-streaming solutions to drive corporate growth. IPTV SUBSCRIPTION IN UK

Live streaming has increased business value across all sectors.

We are fostering internal collaboration.

Enhance the organization’s teamwork by holding live meetings. Short live streaming of talks, staff training, and franchise communication will generate significant engagement among workers and customers. Thus, real-time streaming of meetings and discussions will improve internal communication and corporate efficiency.

Key trends:

  • Multinational corporations host live town hall meetings.
  • When time zones separate teams, internal meetings are live-streamed. This saves them time and resources.
  • New hire orientations are held live to introduce them to team members and establish rapport.

Empowering Education Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

Several education companies began employing the live class technique to webcast teachings from the classroom. The live VOD platform trend benefits educational institutions by streaming live classes and visual demonstrations, enhancing students’ classroom experience. UK BEST IPTV

Key trends:

  • With live conversations and real-time problem-solving capabilities, e-learning systems that can host live webinars are the future of education.
  • Tutors may modify courses to students’ tastes.
  • 59% of students have finished courses using m-learning, a platform for online live-streaming classes.
  • YouTube channels such as Learning Space Digital have found it very lucrative to transition their company to a digital model using a SaaS service provider.

E-Commerce and Marketing 

E-commerce businesses may increase sales using live-streaming video-on-demand methods, such as see-now-buy-now campaigns. Consequently, going live with items improves the online purchasing experience for end consumers. The live-streaming trend embraces video marketing on social media, bringing consumers and companies closer together. IPTV STREAMING SERVICE

Key trends:

  • 64% of customers said they would purchase after seeing an internet video.
  • Premium video-on-demand (VOD) products are increasingly being launched via live-streaming platforms, allowing marketers to showcase their offerings and engage with audiences.
  • According to research conducted in 2017, 81% of brand managers prefer a mobile-first marketing approach.
  • In 2016, Maybelline sold 10,000 lipsticks in two hours by having Chinese actress Angelababy present a one-hour live webcast on a live-streaming website.

Retail Industry Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

The live-streaming approach assists merchants by delivering live video events that allow for more real engagement with customers and audiences, ultimately engaging and attracting consumers. Retailers may use perfect tactics to increase their retail marketing and sales by live streaming on social media with the support of influencers.

Key trends:

  • Social media advertising efforts are much cheaper than conventional channels.
  • Interactive shoppable videos are 40% more successful at boosting sales and are fueling the trend of live streaming in online shopping.
  • Amazon Live was introduced in February 2019 with video content from various sponsors.
  • Ted Baker, a British luxury retail brand, had a 30% increase in sales when a YouTube video featuring its most recent shoppable video features was released.

Healthcare Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

Live streaming in healthcare offers several advantages, including real-time patient care and training sessions. The live streaming technology may assist surgeons during surgical procedures on the offshore panel of physicians. The technology allows people to communicate directly with healthcare specialists to discuss and diagnose treatments.

Key trends:

  • Live chats during consultations with a distant medical provider increase the accessibility of excellent healthcare.
  • Specialized specialists perform remote invasive operations via the live streaming network.
  • It is also an inexpensive approach to educating medical practitioners. Dr Shafi Ahmad of Royal London Hospital utilized Medical Realities, a live-streaming platform, to conduct a virtual reality operation.
  • Hospitals often utilize live stream platforms to discuss pertinent issues and humanize medical terminology.

Customer Support Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

Real-time live video chat allows clients to obtain immediate answers to their questions, meeting the industry’s desire for quick solutions. In recent years, live video customer assistance has gained popularity for improving user experience, engagement, and business value for VOD.

Key trends:

  • Live chat with a competent and patient assistant outperforms a phone call.
  • Live-streaming how-to videos are a popular customer experience tactic in the software sector.
  • Streaming a video of a product’s creation or a behind-the-scenes experience has increased consumer interaction with the business.
  • Large organizations run live competitions, which are said to be chosen by 70% of businesses.

Gaming Industry Top 7 Live Streaming Trends

Unlike other businesses, the gaming industry relies heavily on live video streaming to increase engagement and reach many players. Some platforms, such as Twitch, have shown that the relevance of live broadcasting in gaming can lead to a profitable company. Live broadcasting over displays and cameras enhances game involvement. BEST UK IPTV

Key trends:

  • Professional streamers engage their viewers with interactive games and live commentary. Subscriptions and fundraising initiatives generate revenue.
  • The average daily viewing time for live gaming websites is about 95 minutes.
  • Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming gaming platforms, with 15 million daily active users.
  • YouTube gaming began in 2015 and is one of the more recent entries in this area.

Final Word

The future of live video streaming is pretty close. In 2021, video will account for around 82% of all internet traffic, with live video accounting for 13%. Shortly, live video streaming will significantly impact entertainment and business. For successful company development with the live streaming trend, firms and people must guarantee that they use the technology most suitably to benefit from it.


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